WOW Check it out!!

Fantastic FISHING at Lake Casitas 

Guide Marc said "Fantastic Fishing at Lake Casitas using artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant works like a charm!

Since 1996, Ojai Angler has been a family owned and operated company.  Our unique guide service sets us apart from the rest. Hands-on operation and proudly stands behind the quality of our service.

COME SMILE with US!!! 
THIS week I have a few open dates! Next open date bass boat April 26th 29th and 30th.

Chad and Scott catching bass all morning Tues. Oct. 20th using live thread fin shad, tomorrow is open call 805-701-2835 only 3 other boats on the water so peaceful we have the lake all to ourselves.

Monday Oct. 19th Brian and David morning trip with some of their bass, call 805-701-2835 for reservations to catch some like these!

Sat. Oct. 17th Luis Gabriella and Matias with some of their bass Sat. Morning Using live thread fin shad!

Call 805-701-2835

Dale, Mac and Jesse Wed. Oct. 14th at Lake Casitas Fantastic catching right now call for reservations 805-701-2835

This is the first time Jesse caught fish! Way to go! Oct. 14th morning trip at Lake Casitas using live bait thred fin shad. Call 805-701-2835

Dale and Mac Tues. Oct. 13th morning trip using live biat thread fin shad. Bite is on!! Call for reservations 805-701-2835

Art with 2 of many nice bass Monday Oct. 12th Thurs. is open call for reservation 805-701-2835 Live thread fin shad is up and being harvested.

Ojai Boys catching bass! Larry, Ben and Nick Sunday October 11th at Lake Casitas using all live thread fin shad bait today. Call for reservations 805-701-2835 Friday Oct. 16th open all day and Sat. Oct. 17th open time 7-11am.

Lake Casitas Red Ear Perch Larry Oct. 11th.

Stuart with a 4.5 and Brother Bruce on Fun Friday October 9th at Lake Casitas catching bass with Ojai Angler Professional Fishing Guide Services Call for reservations 805-701-2835

Alex on the Fly Rod! EXCELLENT at Lake Casitas bait boiling on the surface! Using various artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant. Call for a Reservations I have a spot open for tomorrow! 805-701-2835

Steve today Monday Oct. 5th after the rain so crisp clean and beautiful landing nice bass! Using both LIVE bait thread fin shad and Artificial baits with Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

Dale with many catches today here are his 2 biggest Sat. Oct. 3rd.

Doyle with his afternoon pictures 12:53pm Oct. 3rd bass and many in-between! Lake Casitas Bass Fishing is Great! Call Amy for a reservation 805-701-2835 used artificial surface baits in the morning and LIVE bait shad in the afternoon.

Doyle with this morning pictures 9:03am Friday Oct. 3rd.  surface baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

Guide Marc yesterday had a great day! Lake Casitas October 1st

Lauren's beautiful healthy bass at Lake Casitas Sept. 27th Lake Casitas with artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

Christina giving her big bass a big smooch before going back in to the lake! Sunday Sept. 27th

Girls having fun with their Lake Casitas catches Spet. 27th artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

Guide Marc and son Corbyn Friday Sept. 25th after school at Lake Casitas artificil baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

All these fish caught by Daniel and Micah today Sunday Sept. 20th with bass and perch way to go!

Claudia with one of her bass Sunday Sept. 13th

Maxx with one of his Lake Casitas bass today Monday Sept. 7th

Yesterday Sunday Sept. 6th sunbathing and catching fish Bass and Perch this afternoon.

George and Paul Sunday Aug. 30th catching nice bass on the pontoon boat this morning

Marlon Sat. Aug. 29th half day morning trip on the bass boat big chunky bass!

Ian Sat. Aug. 29th half day morning bass boat displaying his beauties caught on artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant working great!

Jeff and Mitchell with some nice ones Sunday morning Aug. 23rd

Tim,Colin, Robert and Jayden Sat. Aug. 22nd morning trip with a nice big at 7.5 bass!!

Ed Sunday Aug. 16th with some of his afternoon bass!

Michael and Mary Sun. 16th morning trip with some nice bass!

Gary and Virginia Sat. Aug. 15th with some nice bass!

Don and Jamie Thurs. Aug. 18th with some nice bass!

Tom and Peggy Tues. Aug. 11th

Kenny and Cody Sunday Aug. 9th afternoon trip with some nice bass!

Joe and son Josh Sunday Aug. 9th morning trip nice reeling this one in Josh!

Jane, Carlos, Catherine and Albert Sat. Aug. 8th morning trip having some fun!! catching bass!

Jeff and his boys Griffen and Chase Friday 7th afternoon trip with some good looking bass!

Ben and James Friday Aug. 7th

Darrell with with some beautiful bass Thurs. Aug. 6th morning trip.

Kamron Wed. Aug. 5th with 2 of the largest bass of the day! 

Alex day 2 August 2nd more bass to catch, before going home to Boston, see you soon Alex.

Alex August 1st along with Guide Marc day one catching lots of bass

Steven and son Jeff out Friday July 31st catching bass having fun!

Jim and Tu here are diffrent pm bass caught in the afternoon

Jim and Tu Thurs. July 30th Bass all day here are am bass diffrent bass from above

Dale on his 2nd day fishing with Ojai Angler Sunday July 26th with lots more bass! All artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant.

Paul, Carrie and Christian Sunday July 26th with lots of smiles!

Dale with some nice bass Sat. July 25th

Danielle with one of many bass this morning Sat. July 25th 

Dan and Adam from Santa Barbara Friday July 24th morning trip 

Jeff and Jorge Thurs. July 23rd

Chip and Michael also used Plastic worms and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant! Sunday July 19th afternoon

Sunday July 19th Jeff and some bass beauties! Caught on plastic worms and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant!


Kate with a nice redear perch Sat. afternoon 18th live night crawler 

Art, Kate and Francesca Sat. July 18th afternoon trip artificial baits and Lunker Potion fish attractant

Yuly with a HUGE CATFISH! 14.5 pounds Sat. July 18th morning trip with Allan and Val

Michelle with one of his bass Sat. July 18th with Yuly Allan and Val Such a beautiful day with lots of fun weather for Southern California in the 80's a little rain come and gone.

Michael Phil and Justin Friday July 17th with some lots of bass! Using live night crawlers and Michael used LUNKER POTION fish attractan with artificial baits.

Michael and son Sean with some of their bass they reeled in Thurs. July 16th at Lake Casitas

Michael Thurs. July 14th with one of his redear perch

Yahoo James 10 pound Largemouth Bass today!! Tues. July 14th with his Father David and Oliver peeking out! along with more fish also caught 11-3pm trip

John and Steven today 7-11am trip caught 3 different species! Bass, Trout and Redear perch!

Way to reel them in boys!

Redear perch 7/14/15 Steven

Trout 7/14/15 with John and Steven

Sat. July 11th Harrison is a awesome angler! With Michael, Jerry and Benson

Brother Benson with more fish! Its a beauty!  Sat. July 11th

Dave and Amie Friday July 10th

Dave and Amie Friday July 10th Check out those bass!!  All the way from Australia!

Dave and Amie Friday July 10th

Marc is in the Studio at KHAY with Jennifer Dempsey!

Friday July 3rd

Bob, Robbie, Katie and Dustin on the Pontoon Boat Friday July 3rd.  Kur-plop! guide Marc's phone took a dive in to the lake as he was taking pictures of the fish, He has a beeper (yes from the 90's) a flip phone and a iPhone down there! Luckily client sent over the pictures for me to post. :)

Richard Tues. June 30th on the bass boat using live bait shad today. 

Miguel Monday June 29th bass on the chew! Artificial Lake Casitas on the bass boat.

Monday June 29th Amy, Adam, Laurie and Andrew on the Pontoon Boat Trout, Redear perch and a BIG bass got away this time! Live bait shad.

Josh Friday June 26th at Lake Casitas Bass and Trout using live bait.

We have Father Son Jeff and Riley out today Tues. June 17th 2015

Ron, Brian and Francisco today Tues. June 16th great fishing! Using live bait shad.   Thursday the 18th, Saturday the 20th, Father's Day Sunday 21st, Monday the 22nd is open for reservations. 

Jermy and Shane Sunday June 7th 

Big News - The Department of Fish and Wildlife had delivered TROUT last month and we have the live bait thread fin "Shad" up and harvested daily!

Scott, Ian Jan and John Sat. June 6th on the pontoon boat

Mark, Larry, Martin and Tracine Wed. 27th on the pontoon boat half day afternoon trip. 


Nichalos Sunday May 24th displaying one of his bass for the day.


John and Erick Sat. May 26th with some nice bass for the day!


John and Finn Sat. May 23rd with some nice bass for the day!


Bill and Bob from Santa Barbara one 5 pound bass today Friday May 22nd 2015 along with others!  Using live bait shad.


Ed, from South Dakota, Steve and Frances Wed. May 20th at Lake Casitas Caught on Live shad and artificial bait today!


Jim and Brian Sat. May 16th at lake Casitas with some nice looking Largemouth Bass!


Sunday May 17th Mark and his 2 boys Hayden and Evan with Bass and Crappie below picture too!


Chris and Jen Friday May 15th nice bass and some trout yeaterday.

Chris Wed. May 13th with some nice bass today

Rachel Sunday May 10th with a nice 5 pound bass!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Joanne, Stephen and Roger Sunday May 10th

CONGRADULATIONS to Guide Kurt and Guide K.C. of Ojai Angler the got the 1st place in the WON bass fishing tournament this

Sat. May 9th!  

Rick Wed. May 6th Lake Casitas using the live bait shad some Bass and a big Carp. below

Angie and Chris with some beautiful bass Tues. May 5th using the live bait at Lake Casitas!

Monday May 4th with Dave, Jeff and Simon using live bait shad

John and Lance got into some of those Trout and bass today Monday May 4th using live bait shad!

Afternoon Sat. May 2nd with Rob, Michelle, Brooke Pat and Patsy Nice looking bass!

Liam and Adam Sat. morning trip May 2nd with some nice bass!

Doug, Jake and Josh Wed. April 29th 

Greg with some more on the 28th

Greg with some nice fish Tues. April 28th

More trout Friday April 24th 

From Department of Fish and Wildlife, a big Thank you!

Dan and Don Friday April 24th with some nice bass today using live bait shad!

Art, Fransica, Michael and Billy Sunday April 19th

Fun day Sat. April 18th Al and Al with some nice largemouth bass and below with some more!

Crappie Al and Al on Sat. April 18th 

Dale, Jeff and Wayne Friday April 17th lots of beautiful bass!

Cindi with some of her good-looking bass, Tues. April 14th

Jeff Monday April 13th with some of his Largemouth bass today, using live bait!

Bruce and Richard Friday April 10th with some Crappie in the afternoon.

Mario, Mario Jr. and Diego Friday morning on the pontoon boat Looks like Mario Jr wants to hold the bass :) so sweet!

Bruce and Richard with some of their Bass Friday April 10th

Scott, Garrett and Emilie Thurs. April 9th with some hefty bass!

Michael, Sean and his grandparents Gretchen and Eugene on the Pontton boat Wed. April 8th morning trip.

Matt, Deanna, and kids kaitlin and Tanner Wed. April 8th afternoon trip with some nice bass!

Michael, Michael Jr. Ben and Frank on the Pontoon boat Monday April 6th Nice big bass boys!

HAPPY EASTER Father and son Keith and Richard on the bass boat with Beautiful Big Bass today!!

Matt, Chris and John Sat. April 4th afternoon fishing at Lake Casitas nice 4 pound bass!

Vincent with his first bass! Thurs. April 2nd at Lake Casitas.

Dave, Paul, Chad, Christian and Carrie with some Crappie on Sat. April 4th Morning trip.

Tim, Kyle and Tessa Friday Morning April 3rd.

Colby with one of his bass Friday April 3rd

Kennith and Lisa Sat. April 4th with lots of nice bass today!

John and his 2 boys David and Michael caught some nice bass Thurs. April 2nd

Liron and Jordan with some nice bass Wed. April 1st

Jeff and Brandon today at Lake Casitas April 1st check out the diffrent colors of the bass.

Phil and Birthday boy Justin with some good looking bass! Sunday March 29th

Dale with some nice bass Friday March 27th

FATHER DAUGHTER DAY! We have Doyle and Margaret today Monday March 23rd using live thread fin shad!

Marc and Amy, First, I want to thank Marc for a great day.  He did exactly what I wanted, and I did not have to say anything.  He took Margaret under his wing and I am sure she learned a lot from him.  So much so, I think she caught more bass than I did.  Not only did he teach her new things, he reinforced things I have been trying to teach here: some of which Marc taught me.  We had a wonderful day.  Thanks to both of you for a great day. Doyle

One of Margaret's Beautiful Bass Monday March 23rd

Paul, Christian and Carrie Sat. March 21st beautiful bass!

Dear Amy and Marc,
Carrie, Christian and I want to thank you for yet another amazing trip with the Ojai Angler!  That was two of the most exciting hours of fishing I have ever experienced in my life!  Every cast for two hours we were either catching a bass or getting bit and missing the fish!  Unbelievable, and all of the fish were big!  We cant wait for our next trip in two weeks.  Fourteen bass in two hours is phenomenal fishing!!  Having to release three pounders out of the livewell before pictures because you are running out of room for the five pounders coming over the side is something most people never experience!!

Amy, your patience and professionalism in our scheduling is always appreciated.  Marc, your guidance and expertise continues to amaze me! You always put us on the fish.  Your patience and professionalism is second to none in the fishing world.  Thank you for providing such wonderful service to our family and clients that we bring out with you.  You will see us for many years to come!  I will continue to spread the word that the only way to fish Lake Casitas is with the Ojai Angler!!
Thank you again.  Warm Regards, Paul

Dale Fun Friday with one of his healthy Lake Casitas Bass!

Maren with some of her healthy bass today Friday March 20th

Tom and Pat Thurs. March 19th harvesting live thread fin shad!

Grandpa Chuck and Corbyn afternoon Trip Wed. March 18th using live bait shad!

Lots of Crappie this afternoon Wed. March 18th using live bait shad.

Steven and son Isaac Wed. March 18th morning fishing trip using live bait shad and lots of bass!

Steve and Brother Joe had some fun catching lots of bass with live bait thread fin Shad!

Amy and Marc,  My brother and I have been fishing together for nearly fifty years and our morning with Marc was one of the best outings we've ever had.   The fishing was great and Marc is certainly an expert but more importantly, Marc's easy manner and friendly instruction made us feel like we were fishing with an old friend.  Thanks so much for the great day and I look forward to putting all that Marc taught me to work as soon as I can get to the lake again! Steve


Jeff with some of his PM Bass incredible bite! March 16th afternoon

Jeff with some of many am bass! Monday March 16th morning

Joanne, Stephen and Roger Sunday Morning March 15th

Guide Kurt and Guide K.C. during the WON Tournament way to go!

Sheldon from Mississippi Sunday March 15th with one of many bass today!

John and Erick Friday March 13th with some nice bass!

Marc's happy with this bass! Thurs. March 13th 2015 afternoon.

Dale landed some big fish today Tues. March 10th way to go!

Guide Marc and Dale Tues. March 10th

Dale with some nice bass Monday March 9th

Brent Sunday March 8th more bigger bass! Great job Brent!

Tanner Sunday March 8th with a nice bass!

Darin Sunday March 8th chunky bass!

Brent Sat. March 7th with some nice bass!

This duck wanted to hang out on the boat today!

Marc Mitrany, Keith Covey, K.C. Ebken and Kurt Ebken WON Bass Fishing Tournament Sat. Feb. 28th using artificial baits and LUNKER POTION FISH ATTRACTANT

Keith Covey of catching bass Friday afternoon Feb. 27th

Ojai Angler Guides Kurt Ebken and Guide K.C. Ebken at Lake Casitas WON Bass Tournament Sat. Feb. 28th SIGHT FISHING IS ON!!

Hats off to Allen and Paul did well today Friday Feb.27th.  Rain is in the forecast tomorrow.

Guide Marc Monday Feb. 24th with a Bass

Guide Marc with a big Crappie

Great Job Michael, Phil and Justin this morning February 14th with some NICE Bass!

Vic today Wed. Feb. 11th at Lake Casitas with some nice bass :) GREAT WEATHER!  in the 80's all week!  Guide Marc is excited to have his bass boat back in the water!

Guide Kurt Thurs. Jan 29th They went out yesterday caught 6 bass they are moving around getting more active already!

Guide K.C. Thurs. Jan. 29th Nice healthy bass! Gettin ready for spring!

Guide Marc with a nice 5 pound bass Sat. Jan. 3rd. evening.  Fish are deep using Lunker Potion Fish Attractant and artificial.

Derek at Lake Casitas Last day of the year 2014!

Friday Dec. 19th James and Matt at Castaic Lake

Dale and John another great day Sunday Dec. 7th at Castaic Lake LIVE BAIT SHAD!

Tim Friday Dec. 5th with Bass and Striper below at Castaic Lake using live bait shad!

Tim Friday Dec. 5th with striper at Castaic Lake

Keith and Richard lots of bass and striper Dec. 1st Castaic Lake Live Bait Shad!

Keith and Richard same day with diffrent and MORE FISH!

Sean Afternoon trip at Castaic Lake on Sat. Nov. 29th

Sat. Nov. 29th Morning trip with Michael, Bensen, Harrison and Jerry showing off some Striper!

Afternoon trip with Dale Friday Nov. 28th He caught 3 diffrent kinds of fish again! Laregmouth bass, Striper and a smallmouth, SWEET!

Daniel and Micah with LOTS of Striper a NON Native fish here at Castaic Lake. Below are some NICE Largemouth Bass!

Morning trip today Friday Nov. 28th with Daniel and son Micah at Castaic Lake with Live Bait! AND lots of fish!

Here is Greg back for MORE Catching at Castaic Lake Wed. Nov. 26th Live bait is up and plentiful!


ojai angler fishing report november 13 2014

Dale with some beautiful bass Looks like Largemouth, Smallmouth and Striper today Thurs. Nov. 13th

ojai angler fishing report november 13 2014

Fantastic Fishing at Lake Casitas using artificial baits and Lunker Potion Fish Attractant works like a charm! 
Next open date bass boat April 6th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 26th 29th and 30th.
Pontoon Boat 4 or more people available.

More of Dale today some Striper too! Nov. 13th 2014

ojai angler fishing report november 13 2014

Jason, Aaron and Allen FANTASTIC DAY! lots of bass and big Striper At Castaic Lake live bait Wed. Nov. 12th

Mike and Cameron Tuesday Nov. 11th with some nice bass and below with striper Castaic Lake.

"Thank you. The trip was amazing! Marc is a true master of fishing. makes it look easy. Except we know better. That takes years of prep and planning to make it look that easy. Best time we've ever had fishing!"  Mike

Striper same day lots of fish at Castaic Lake with Live bait shad!

Things To Bring

  • Valid Fishing License
  • Adequate Clothing
  • Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Rain Suit (If Necessary)

The Fish

Lake Casitas is home to plenty of Largemouth Bass and other kinds of Bass. Catfish and Carp are also known to be found. Take a look at our fishing reports to see what kinds of fish you can catch.

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